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Never Count Out Basterds—or Sandra Bullock


Never Count Out Basterds—or Sandra Bullock

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Sandra Bullock and Brad Pitt enjoyed what most movie stars don’t: A happy Labor Day.

During Hollywood’s weakest long weekend of the year, Bullock managed a respectable, $14 million Friday-Monday debut for the critically trashed All About Steve, while Pitt’s Inglourious Basterds marched toward $100 million with a $15 million four-day take.

The Final Destination, last weekend’s 3-D-boosted champ, was this weekend’s champ, too, with $15.4 million, Exhibitor Relations reported.

More results, plus how Tron outplayed Gamer:

• All About Steve will finish third, not second as projected Sunday, per Exhibitor Relations. The romantic comedy flip-flopped with Inglourious Basterds, which moved up a spot.

• Third place or second place, All About Steve didn’t bomb, despite a Tomatometer reading on Rotten Tomatoes of 5 percent. Yes, 5 percent. Just so you know, if you turn on a camera and film a wall and/or make The Dukes of Hazzard, you can rate a Tomatometer reading higher than 5 percent.

• Arguably even stranger but true, All About Steve made more money at each of its theaters than any movie in the Top 10.

• Maybe goodwill did it? All About Steve not only starred Bullock, hot off The Proposal, but Bradley Cooper, hot off The Hangover.

• To be sure, All About Steve isn’t exactly a career highlight for Bullock. It’s her lowest-grossing debut for a wide-release movie since 2002’s Murder By Numbers.

• Only one Quentin Tarantino movie has ever blown past $100 million. At $95.2 million after three weekends, Inglourious Basterds looks to soon join Pulp Fiction.

• From Friday-Sunday, Gerard Butler’s Gamer scored $9 million, Box Office Mojo said, which, given an average ticket price of $7.18, works out to about 1.2 million tickets sold. In 1982, Tron scored a $4.7 million Friday-Sunday debut, which, given a then-average ticket price of $2.94, works out to about 1.6 million ticket sold. Game over.

• Even if you add in Monday’s grosses, which are expected to bring Gamer up to $11.2 million, Tron still outsold its video-game descendant.

• Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen will make $1 million through today, Paramount Pictures estimated, and will join Hollywood’s exclusive $400 million or more club. Once Revenge of the Fallen’s membership is confirmed, there will be only nine members.

• District 9, the little sci-fi movie that could, broke $100 million, with a $9 million Friday-Monday.

• Of the weekend’s new movies, Mike Judge’s Extract was, as Exhibitor Relations’ Jeff Bock put it, “the best-reviewed film that did the worst.” It’s expected to gross $5.5 million Friday-Monday.

• On the upside of being down, Extract is now projected to finish ninth, not 10th.

• The long and the short of it: G-Force fell out of the Top 10 after six weekends and a $114.6 million run, through Sunday; Ang Lee’s Taking Woodstock fell out of the Top 10 after one weekend, and a $6 million run, also through Sunday.

• The summer box office estimates held. This now-concluded beach season will go down as the highest-grossing—and one of the weirdest. While revenue was up (thanks, 3D!), attendance was down. While August was surprisingly hot, thanks to G.I. Joe and District 9, Bock said, June and July were surprisingly cool.

• Perhaps nothing symbolized the summer’s split personality more than Terminator Salvation. The movie grossed $371 million worldwide; its producers filed for bankruptcy.

Here’s a look at the holiday weekend’s top-grossing films based on Friday-Monday estimates as compiled by Exhitor Relations:

1. The Final Destination, $15.4 million
2. Inglourious Basterds, $15 million
3. All About Steve, $14 million
4. Gamer, $11.2 million
5. District 9, $8 million
6. Halloween 2, $7.01 million
7. Julie & Julia, $7 million
8. G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, $6.7 million
9. Extract, $5.5 million
10. The Time Traveler’s Wife, $5.46 million

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Rate-a-Trailer: Inglourious Basterds’ Big Nazi Bash


Rate-a-Trailer: Inglourious Basterds‘ Big Nazi Bash


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Forget Kill Bill, how does Kill Adolf strike you? That’s roughly where Quentin Tarantino‘s head is at as he cranks up his latest campy remake an international genre flick. Brad Pitt stars as a bad-ass bumpkin Nazi basher who sneaks behind enemy lines in France with his band of Jewish assassins, intent on demoralizing the Third Reich…or decapitating it, whichever comes first.

What do you think? Does this new trailer make the flick look like splatter-tastic fun, or just a bloody mess?

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Brad Pitt: Don’t chat at the urinal; text instead


Brad Pitt: Don’t chat at the urinal; text instead

(CNN) — Need some social etiquette advice for the digital age? Brad Pitt’s got your back in this month’s cover story from Wired Magazine.

So Brad, should people talk on the phone while they’re using the restroom?

“No, you can’t talk on the phone!” Pitt tells the magazine. “Do you want the guy next to you to hear your entire conversation?

“That’s why you should only text in the bathroom. Just be sure you don’t hit the wrong button and end up putting a photo of your junk on Twitter. Trust me, you don’t want those followers.”

Humor covers for Pitt’s lack of tech credentials as the Hollywood hunk and star of Quentin Tarantino’s new film, “Inglourious Basterds” offers up a range of tongue-in-cheek advice for Wired readers.

He touches on subjects ranging from managing your online persona to looking at porn on your work computer.

Wired says Pitt approached the magazine with ideas for the story. The magazine, which is owned by Conde Nast and is a CNN.com content partner, collaborated with Pitt and contributing photographer Dan Winters to create the article.

“How to Behave: New Rules for Highly Evolved Humans” hits newsstands July 21. Wired said in an e-mail that the piece is a re-think of the celebrity magazine profile.

On the cover, a photo shows Pitt wearing a Bluetooth device in his ear.

“Rule No. 52: Ditch the headset. He can barely pull it off — and you are not him,” a blurb on the magazine front says.

Most of the article is delivered in a spoof question-answer format. Pitt contributes several answers, as do regular Wired writers.

One question asks if a person who exaggerated his or her salary on an online dating profile should confess.

“Hell no,” Pitt writes. “Everyone lies online. In fact, readers expect you to lie. If you don’t, they’ll think you make less than you actually do. So the only way to tell the truth is to lie.”

A question about viewing pornography at work is paired with a photo of Pitt scanning a copy of Hustler magazine at an office desk. A half-eaten doughnut sits on the table in front of him.

“Don’t just look at it at work, bring in your old porn mags and scan them there!” Pitt writes in the magazine. “It’s like converting your vinyl to MP3s. Fill up your hard drive, and when you need a break from spreadsheets, just open a favorite pictorial.”

Pitt’s OK with porn, but he’s less understanding of people who want to answer urgent cell phone calls during movies.

“It may be a brief interruption — just a few seconds — but what if someone sitting near you is trying to make a decent bootleg? Did you ever think of that? Now all those street-corner copies are permanently defiled by your so-called ’emergency,’ ” he writes. “Don’t be so damn selfish.”

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