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Paris Hilton’s wisdom immortalised in book of quotations


Paris Hilton’s wisdom immortalised in book of quotations

Paris Whitney Hilton (born February 17, 1981) is an American socialite, heiress, media personality, model, singer, author, fashion designer and actress.

Hilton is known for her appearance in a sex tape in 2003, her appearance on the television series The Simple Life, her several minor film roles (most notably her role in the horror film House of Wax in 2005), her 2004 tongue-in-cheek autobiography, her 2006 music album Paris, and her work in modeling. As a result of several legal incidents, Hilton also served a widely publicized sentence in a Los Angeles County jail in 2007.

Personal life

Hilton was engaged to fashion model Jason Shaw from mid-2002 to early 2003. In 2003-2004 she had a relationship with singer Nick Carter. Later she was engaged to Greek shipping heir Paris Latsis, from May 29, 2005 to November 2005. Thereafter, she began dating another Greek shipping heir, Stavros Niarchos III, before breaking up in May 2006. In early 2008, she was spotted with Good Charlotte guitarist Benji Madden and in May, Hilton announced her intention to marry Madden during interview with television talk-show host David Letterman. The two broke up in November 2008, and “remain very good friends”. She began dating The Hills star Doug Reinhardt in February 2009; Hilton has also referred to her intention to marry Reinhardt, saying “He’s gonna be my husband.” The couple broke up in June 2009, only to be seen back together again in August of the same year.

Hilton told Live with Regis and Kelly: “One-night stands are not for me. I think it’s gross when you just give it up. Guys want you more, if you don’t just hand it to them on a platter.”

Hilton loves small dogs, and lives with a Yorkshire Terrier and a female Chihuahua named Tinkerbell. Paris Hilton is frequently seen carrying Tinkerbell (dubbed an “accessory dog”) at social events and functions, and in all five seasons of television reality show The Simple Life. In 2004, Tinkerbell “authored” a memoir, The Tinkerbell Hilton Diaries. On August 12, 2004, Tinkerbell went missing after Hilton’s apartment was burgled, and a $5,000 reward was offered for her safe return. She was found six days later. By December 1, 2004, Tinkerbell was again spotted with Paris Hilton at various events. Hilton has also purchased a male Chihuahua on July 25, 2007 from Pets of Bel Air in Los Angeles. Hilton’s love for man’s best friend led her to create an apparel line for dogs called Little Lily by Paris Hilton, with some of the proceeds going to benefit animal rescue. “I have 17 dogs and I like to dress them, so I started designing this clothing line and it’s really cute, like dresses and jeans — everything you can imagine for humans, but for dogs,” she said in an interview during Super Bowl XLII festivities. Hilton’s love for her dogs led to the rumor that she wanted to be frozen with them at the Cryonics Institute, but Hilton denied the rumor on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

A homemade sex video of Hilton and then-boyfriend Rick Salomon was leaked on the Internet in 2003, later released as the DVD 1 Night in Paris despite attempted legal action. It appeared a week prior to the premiere of The Simple Life.

On December 20, 2008 around 4:00 am, a man in a hooded sweater and gloves entered Hilton’s Mulholland Estates, Los Angeles home and stole $2 million dollars worth of jewelry and other items from her bedroom. Hilton was not home at the time and nobody was injured in the home invasion. There is speculation that it was an inside job.

to be immortalised alongside remarks by some of the greatest thinkers of all time in the latest edition of the Oxford Book of Quotations — and she reckons it’s “so cool”.

Hilton, the socialite turned reality TV star and retailing phenomenon, is listed in the latest version of the 65-year-old dictionary, released this week, alongside the likes of Confucius, Oscar Wilde and Stephen Hawking.

Her contribution? “Dress cute wherever you go, life is too short to blend in.”

Hilton, 28, was delighted to be featured in the book which is a renowned list of memorable sayings.

“So cool that I have a quote in the dictionary,” she wrote on her Twitter page.

Another new entry in the seventh edition of the Oxford University Press publication is Sarah Palin.

The former vice-presidential candidate makes the cut for her most famous quip: “What’s the difference between a hockey mom and a pitbull? Lipstick.”

More than 20,000 new quotations have been added to the dictionary including President Barack Obama for saying: “The arc of history is long but it bends towards justice.”

Others came from the likes of British author Terry Pratchett — using an “embuggerance” to describe his Alzheimer’s — and from author Fay Weldon: “Guilt is to motherhood as grapes are to wine.”

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Next Chapter in the Epic Romance of Paris & Doug: Parents Meet

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Next Chapter in the Epic Romance of Paris & Doug: Parents Meet


Paris Hilton was ecstatic last night at the Fragrance Foundation’s FiFi Awards in NYC for more reason than one.

In addition to being honored for Celebrity Fragrance of the Year, her parents, Rick and Kathy Hilton, were meeting boyfriend Doug Reinhardt‘s mother, Kelly Roberts, for the very first time.

“This is their first time meeting,” Paris told E! News backstage. “I’ve been on many trips with his family. I love his mom and dad. They’re amazing…His mom flew all the way out here just for me because she wanted to see me receive this award.”

Apparently, the installment of Meet the (über-wealthy) Parents went rather well…

“My mom and her love each other,” she gushed. “They’re so much alike, which is really cool. They’re getting along and talking…My dad is like his dad and my mom is like his mom, so it’s really funny to see them to together and to see how well they like each other. I love it. We’re definitely going to have a nice dinner when we get home and definitely hang out.”

Alas, just because the ‘rents are bonding doesn’t mean a wedding is around the corner. According the lady of the hour, there’s simply no time.

“We’re in Dubai to shoot my BFF show, and then I have my album coming out, so I don’t even know how I would have time to plan something like that,” she laughed.

One thing the happy couple won’t be doing anytime soon is appearing on The Hills, where most of the world first met frozen-burrito heir Reinhardt. For one thing, his leading lady scored him a producer gig on the Dubai edition of her BFF show. But more importantly, he’s so over it.

“The show is, like, so lame and fake,” Hilton said. “They portray him in a way he’s not, and they make up relationships that are not there. He just thinks it’s lame. I’ve never seen the show in my life, so I have no idea what it’s about, but he just thought it was cheesy.”

Reinhardt is, however, excited about the way he and his woman live their lives…all the way down to those dirty, dirty dancing pics.

“Who hasn’t had fun and danced with someone at a club?” he told E! News on the red carpet. “When it comes to cameras always pointed in your direction, one is bound to get that one picture…People want to say we’re doing bad stuff, but no! We’re having fun, we’re in love, we’re young. There’s not one person that’s our age that’s not doing the same thing. That’s what people need to understand, that we have lives too.”

Hilton shared his sentiments.

“Everything I do, I’m very proud of,” she said toward the end of the evening. “I feel like I’ve really grown up in the past couple years, and I’m just excited with the person I’ve become and how I’ve grown as a woman. Nothing really bothers me anymore.”