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JAWS 5 – Resurface (Trailer 2010)


JAWS 5 – Resurface (Trailer 2010)

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Jaws is a 1975 American horror/thriller film directed by Steven Spielberg and based on Peter Benchley’s best-selling novel. The police chief of Amity Island, a fictional summer resort town, tries to protect beachgoers from a giant great white shark by closing the beach, only to be overruled by the town council, which wants the beach to remain open to draw a profit from tourists during the summer season. After several attacks, the police chief enlists the help of a marine biologist and a professional shark hunter. Roy Scheider stars as police chief Martin Brody, Richard Dreyfuss as marine biologist Matt Hooper, Robert Shaw as shark hunter Quint, and Lorraine Gary as Brody’s wife Ellen.


The film begins at a late night beach party on Amity Island, from which a young woman (Susan Backlinie) leaves to go skinny dipping. She dives into the water, where she is suddenly jerked around and then pulled under by an unseen force. The next morning, Amity’s new police chief Martin Brody (Roy Scheider) is notified that Chrissie is missing. Brody and his deputy Len Hendricks (Jeffrey Kramer) find her mutilated remains washed up on the shore. The medical examiner informs Brody that the victim’s death was due to a shark attack. Brody heads out to close the beaches, but is intercepted and overruled by the town mayor Larry Vaughn (Murray Hamilton), who fears that reports of a shark attack will ruin the summer tourist season which is the town’s major source of income. The medical examiner says he was wrong about a shark attack and tells Brody that it was a boating accident. Brody reluctantly goes along with this.

A short time later, a young boy named Alex is attacked and killed brutaly by a shark while swimming off a crowded beach on an inflatable raft. His mother places a $3,000 bounty on the animal, sparking an amateur shark hunting frenzy and attracting the attention of local professional shark hunter Quint (Robert Shaw). Quint interrupts a town meeting to offer his services; his demand for $10,000 is taken “under advisement”. Brought in by Brody, ichthyologist Matt Hooper (Richard Dreyfuss) conducts an autopsy on Chrissie’s remains and concludes she was killed by a shark.

Soon after a large tiger shark is caught by a group of novice fishermen, leading the town to believe the problem is solved, but an unconvinced Hooper asks to examine the contents of the shark’s stomach. Because Vaughn refuses to make the “operation” public, Brody and Hooper return after dark and learn that the dead shark does not contain human remains, just fish and garbage. Scouting aboard Hooper’s state-of-the-art boat, they come across the half-sunken wreckage of local fisherman Ben Gardner’s boat. Hooper dons a wetsuit and while exploring the vessel underwater discovers Gardner’s severed head. Despite evidence of the shark’s presence, Vaughn still refuses to close the beach. By the Fourth of July the beaches are covered in tourists. While a prank triggers a false alarm and draws off the authorities’ attention, the real shark enters an estuary, kills a man, and nearly takes the life of Brody’s oldest son Michael. Brody forces a stunned Vaughn to hire Quint. Brody and Hooper join the hunter on his fishing boat, the Orca, and the trio set out to kill the man-eater.

At sea, Brody is given the task of laying a chum line, while Quint uses deep-sea fishing tackle to try to hook the shark. Quint hooks an unseen fish, but Hooper suggests that it isn’t a shark, and the two grow increasingly agitated with one another. As Brody continues chumming, the enormous shark suddenly looms up behind the boat. After a horrified Brody announces its presence (“You’re gonna need a bigger boat!”), Quint and Hooper watch the great white circle the Orca and estimate the new arrival weighs 3 tons (2.7 metric tonnes) and is 25 feet (8m) long. Quint harpoons the shark with a line attached to a flotation barrel, designed to prevent the shark from being able to submerge as well as to track it on the surface, but the shark pulls the barrel under and disappears.

Night falls without another sighting, so the men retire to the boat’s cabin, where Quint tells of his experience with sharks as a survivor of the World War II sinking of the USS Indianapolis. The shark reappears, damages the boat’s hull, and slips away before the men can harm it. In the morning, while the men make repairs to the engine, a barrel suddenly reappears at the stern. Quint destroys the radio to prevent Brody from calling the Coast Guard for help. The shark attacks again, and after a long, hard chase, Quint harpoons it to another barrel. The men tie the barrels to the stern; but the shark drags the boat backwards, forcing water onto the deck and into the engine, flooding it. Quint harpoons it again, attaching three barrels in all to the shark, while the animal continues to tow them. Quint is about to cut the ropes with his machete when the cleats are pulled off the stern. The shark continues to attack the boat and Quint powers towards shore with the shark in pursuit, hoping to draw the animal into shallow waters, where it will be beached and drowned. In his Ahab-like obsession to kill the shark, Quint overtaxes Orca’s damaged engine, causing it to seize.


Richard D. Zanuck and David Brown, producers at Universal Pictures, heard about Peter Benchley’s novel at identical times at different locations. Brown heard about it in the fiction department of Cosmopolitan, a lifestyle magazine then edited by his wife, Helen Gurley Brown. A small card gave a detailed description of the plot, concluding with the comment “might make a good movie”.[4] The producers each read it overnight and agreed the next morning that it was “the most exciting thing that they had ever read” and that, although they were unsure how they would accomplish it, they wanted to produce the film.[5] Brown says that had they read the book twice they would have never have made the film because of the difficulties in executing some of the sequences.[4] They purchased the film rights to Benchley’s novel in 1973 for approximately $175,000.

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Rate-a-Trailer: Inglourious Basterds’ Big Nazi Bash


Rate-a-Trailer: Inglourious Basterds‘ Big Nazi Bash


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Forget Kill Bill, how does Kill Adolf strike you? That’s roughly where Quentin Tarantino‘s head is at as he cranks up his latest campy remake an international genre flick. Brad Pitt stars as a bad-ass bumpkin Nazi basher who sneaks behind enemy lines in France with his band of Jewish assassins, intent on demoralizing the Third Reich…or decapitating it, whichever comes first.

What do you think? Does this new trailer make the flick look like splatter-tastic fun, or just a bloody mess?

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Trigger happy: Gangsters’ lives an unending source of ‘Public’ fascination


Johnny Depp stars at John Dillinger in ‘Public Enemies.’

Trigger happy: Gangsters’ lives an unending source of ‘Public’ fascination

There’s something about gangsters that keeps movie audiences coming back for more.

Johnny Depp is the latest actor to jump into a getaway car when “Public Enemies” opens Wednesday. Depp stars as John Dillinger, the 1930s gangster branded “Public Enemy Number One” by the FBI.

Dillinger’s infamous career as a bank robber earned him a certain folk hero status with an American public struggling through the Great Depression.

His exploits as a thief and killer made headlines during the early ’30s, along with those of fellow outlaws Ma Barker and Pretty Boy Floyd. That was also Hollywood’s Golden Age of Gangsters, during which this trio of classics was made:

“The Public Enemy” (1931) made Jimmy Cagney a star as Tom Powers, a hoodlum who comes up through the ranks of Chicago’s underworld.

“Scarface” (1932) starred Paul Muni as a thinly disguised Al Capone, the Chicago mob boss.

“Little Caesar” (1931), another take on Capone, starring Edward G. Robinson.

“Manhattan Melodrama” (1934), starring Clark Gable as a debonair gangster, made its mark in film history as the movie Dillinger saw before he was gunned down outside the Chicago theater.

The success of these pictures prompted a reaction against screen violence and the gangster faded from view until Warner Bros. brought them back with 1939’s “The Roaring Twenties,” starring Cagney.

During the 1940s, Hollywood’s pretty boys did double duty as tough guys in these gangster classics:

“Johnny Apollo” (1940) starred Tyrone Power

“Johnny Eager” (1942) teamed Robert Taylor with sweater girl Lana Turner.

“High Sierra” (1941) brought Humphrey Bogart full-fledged stardom playing doomed gangster Duke Mantee.

As World War II ended, the low-budget “Dillinger” (1945) immortalized the ’30s gunman and became a sleeper hit. It starred off-screen tough guy Laurence Tierney, who Quentin Tarantino later rescued from obscurity in “Reservoir Dogs.”

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“Kiss of Death” (1947) brought creepy sadism to postwar America when a giggling Richard Widmark offed a wheelchair-bound little old lady by pushing her down a flight of stairs.

Cagney returned one last time to his gangster roots in the psychological study of a mother’s boy in “White Heat” (1948). The movie’s definitive gangster took his final bow with the now-famous farewell, “Top of the world, Ma!” as he was blown to smithereens.

Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway brought gangsters to the ’60s generation with “Bonnie and Clyde” (1967) as notorious Depression-era bank robbers Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker.

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