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Kim Cattrall turns clock back to Samantha’s days as a punk princess in Sex And The City sequel


Kim Cattrall turns clock back to Samantha’s days as a punk princess in Sex And The City sequel

Kim Victoria Cattrall (pronounced , rhyming with shall; born 21 August 1956) is a Canadian actress. She is known for her role as Samantha Jones in the HBO comedy/romance series Sex and the City, and for her leading roles in the 1980s films Police Academy, Big Trouble in Little China, and Mannequin.


Cattrall began her career before graduating from high school in 1972, when she left Canada for the United States. There, she attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and upon her graduation signed a five-year movie deal with director Otto Preminger, making her film debut in Preminger’s Rosebud in 1975. A year later, Universal Studios bought out that contract and Cattrall became one of the last participants of the Universal Contract Player System. During her time with Universal, she guest-starred in numerous television programmes of varying style and genre. In 1979, she played Dr. Gabrielle White in The Incredible Hulk and would go down in TV Hulk lore as one of the few characters who knew David Banner was alive and was the Hulk. In a successful transition to cinema, Cattrall starred opposite Jack Lemmon in his Oscar-nominated movie Tribute in 1980. The following year, she starred in the critically acclaimed Ticket to Heaven. She also had a guest role in the TV Mini-Series Scruples.

In 1982, Cattrall played Miss Honeywell (Lassie) in Porky’s, followed two years later by a role in the original Police Academy. In 1985, she starred in three movies: Turk 182, City Limits and Hold-Up, the latter with French star Jean-Paul Belmondo. In 1986, she played Kurt Russell’s brainy flame in the action film Big Trouble in Little China. In 1987, her lead role in Mannequin proved a huge success with audiences. One of her best-known film roles is that of Lieutenant Valeris in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country.

In Sex And The City, Samantha Jones is known among her friends and numerous lovers for her wild, flamboyant personality and style.

And as actress Kim Cattrall filmed a flashback scene for the SATC film sequel in New York today, it seems Sam’s brave dress sense stems back to the Eighties.

The 53-year-old actress rolled back the years – and the good taste – as she donned a pair of snake-print, fishnet leggings, a yellow and purple leopard-print vest, a denim studded waistcoat and red PVC ankle boots.

Looking every inch the Eighties punk princess, Kim wore a bushy peroxide blonde wig and carried a retro Sony Walkman on her belt.

In the scene, the twentysomething Samantha narrowly misses getting run over by a brown car as she dashes over Fifth Avenue near the Bergdorf Goodman department store.

After the car screeches to a halt in front of her and the driver starts beeping, feisty Sam gives him the finger before continuing her journey.

And it appears the scene in a case of history repeating itself after Kim filmed an identical scene – set in present day – several days ago.

Samantha’s wild look is in stark contrast to Kim’s real-life appearance in the Eighties, who was an upcoming actress starring in Mannequin and Big Trouble In Little China at the time.

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Lindsay Lohan Jewelry Line “Not Happening”


Lindsay Lohan Jewelry Line “Not Happening”

Maybe this is why Lindsay Lohan seemed so happy.

On the heels of her less-than-stellar stint in the fashion world last month, it seems Linds believed she’d been given a copy of the Ashlee Simpson-Wentz second chances handbook—revealing she’d be developing a collection with famed jeweler Pascal Mouawad, who has collaborated in the past with the likes of Nicole Richie and Heidi Klum.

If only she’d checked with Mouawad first.

“We had spoken about doing a jewelry line, but it’s not happening,” he tells E! News. “It was a few months back, it was going to be for Bebe, but it never happened.”

Instead, his next big baublelicious event takes place at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, taping later this week to air on CBS in December.

“Twenty million dollars’ worth of jewelry will be on the models in the show,” says Mouawad. “There are 10 huge diamond sets.”

And that leaves no ice for Lindsay…Though we can’t help but feel that the aspiring fashionista could use a minute away from the drawing board to get her priorities in order.

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Lindsay Lohan boobs are amazing!


Lindsay Lohan boobs are amazing!

Lindsay Lohan, Seeing Lindsay Lohan braless boobs are things that make life worth living. There could be a reality show based around those tits day to day activities and I would watch.

I find it hard to believe that anyone would have a hold on Lindsay’s breasts and decide that they would break up with her but that has happened. Goes back to an old saying… Show me a hot chick and I’ll show you a guy who is tired of putting up with her shit. Guess that makes sense because I haven’t met a chick that didn’t bug the hell out of me at some point. But for those giant boobs I would probably hold on for years, literally.

Here’s hoping that Lindsay Lohan boobs will make a nude appearance in her next movie. Hell, maybe her and Samantha will make and put out a sex tape showcasing the lesbian vibes that been passing through the Lohan camp for months now. Who can blame her really though because what self respecting celebrity wants a man sucking on her boobs instead of having a nice female caressing them like they should be treated.

So for now out of all celebrity boobs, Lindsay Lohan at least in this photo has the best rack in my opinion… with Jessica Simpson and Audrina Partridge nipping at her umm nips, lol. Perhaps those three coupld be in the next charlie’s angel remake. Let’s face it, there’s only so many sequels that can be saved by the hottness of Cameron Diaz. Chow face and the ET chick are just hideous to look at and even Bill Murray couldn’t stomach coming back for the second movie.

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