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Mandy Moore The Next Big Disney Star?

Mandy Moore The Next Big Disney Star?

Amanda Leigh “Mandy” Moore (born April 10, 1984) is an American singer-songwriter, actress and fashion designer. She grew up in Florida. Moore became famous as a teenager in the late 1990s, after the release of her teen-oriented pop albums So Real, I Wanna Be with You, and Mandy Moore.

Moore subsequently branched out into a film career, starring in 2002’s A Walk to Remember and later appearing in the lead roles of other movies, such as Chasing Liberty, also aimed at teenage audiences.

Two of Moore’s later films, American Dreamz and Saved!, were satires. Her private life, including her relationships with tennis player Andy Roddick[1] as well as with actors Wilmer Valderrama and Zach Braff[3] became the subject of much discussion in the media. Her most recent album as of September 2009, Amanda Leigh, was released on May 26, 2009. Mandy Moore has sold more than 10 million records worldwide.

Early life

Moore was born in Nashua, New Hampshire, the daughter of Stacy, a former news reporter whom the Orlando Sentinel had once employed, and Donald “Don” Moore, a pilot for American Airlines. Moore’s father is of Irish and Cherokee descent, and her mother is of English and Jewish ancestry. Moore, who has two brothers, Scott Moore and Kyle Moore, grew up in Longwood, Florida, outside of Orlando, where the family moved shortly after her birth because of her father’s job as an airline pilot. She was raised in the Catholic religion, even though she is no longer a practicing Catholic, and attended Bishop Moore High School, a Catholic school in Orlando, as well as Lake Brantley High School in Altamonte Springs.

Moore’s interest in singing grew after seeing the musical Oklahoma! She was also encouraged to perform by her maternal grandmother, who was her inspiration. Some of Moore’s first public exposure occurred when she sang the national anthem at several Florida sporting events. She subsequently came to the attention of the head of the artists and repertoire department at Epic Records after his friend, a FedEx employee, overheard her as she sang at a recording studio.

Personal life

Moore dated Philippines-born singer/actor Billy Crawford for a “few months” when she was younger.

Moore dated actor Wilmer Valderrama for eighteen months between 2000 and 2002. In 2006, Valderrama appeared on The Howard Stern Show and detailed that he and Moore were each other’s “first loves” although he did not claim that their relationship was sexual, as was alleged by several media sources who misquoted his remarks. Moore later referred to Valderrama as a “good guy” and a “gentleman” although she has stated that his comments about their relationship were “utterly tacky”.

Moore began dating tennis star Andy Roddick in 2002; Roddick ended the relationship in March 2004.

In November 2004, Moore began dating Scrubs actor Zach Braff. Referring to Braff, Moore said that she likes “good Jewish boy(s)… with a sense of humor”. In 2006, the two were incorrectly reported to be engaged and broke up later in 2006.

In early 2007, media reports linked Moore to Adam Goldstein, known professionally as “DJ AM” though the two were reported to have ended their relationship in March 2007.

Also in 2007, she briefly dated actor/singer Greg Laswell

Mandy Moore is set to follow in the footsteps of Miley Cyrus and Vanessa Hudgens, by becoming the next big Disney star.

Mandy has signed on to voice ‘Rapunzel’ in a new 3D animated version of the classic fairytale!

The story has been modernized a little, whereby instead of being held captive in the tower for her entire life, Rapunzel escapes and “goes on the run with a bandit as her captor pursues them”.

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Jordin Sparks: American Idol “Dumb” to Lose Paula!


Michael Becker/Fox

Jordin Sparks: American Idol “Dumb” to Lose Paula!

Jordin Sparks is not happy about the Paula Abdul situation over at American Idol.

“It was dumb on American Idol‘s part,” the winner of season six told us earlier today at 102.7 KISS-FM’s Teen Choice Awards gifting lounge. “I love American Idol and I respect them. It’s because of them that I got my start, but Paula was one of the original judges. She helped soften the blow for contestants when we didn’t do well. I love Paula.

“The show will definitely not be the same without her, and I feel bad that future contestants will not get to experience having her on the show,” she continued. “I’m so sad.”

But when the going gets sad, the sad go swagging. Among the free loot that Ms. Sparks picked up at the lounge were a Disney Couture skull wrap, some Too Faced lash injection Mascara and metal and eye-liner and a Graffiti Remarkable backpack.

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Ashley Tisdale


Ashley Tisdale

Every Disney star has to flirt with danger sooner or later. Tisdale – that’s Sharpay for “High School Musical” fans – has a date with the sort-of-dark side on a sophomore album that attempts to move the 24-year-old beyond tween fandom. Her tougher, sexier image is telegraphed on the bad gi- by-numbers opener “Acting Out.” Like most of the album, it’s generic, simplistic and brimming with faux angst. No, this guilty pleasure isn’t about substance, but there are plenty of irresistible pop hooks to indulge in. Download: “Hot Mess.”

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