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Harry Potter Half Blood Prince Full Movie Trailer 2009 HD


Harry Potter Half Blood Prince Full Movie Trailer 2009 HD

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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, released on 16 July 2005, is the sixth of seven novels from British author J. K. Rowling’s popular Harry Potter series. Set during Harry Potter’s sixth year at Hogwarts, the novel explores Lord Voldemort’s past, and Harry’s preparations for the final battle amidst emerging romantic relationships and the emotional confusions and conflict resolutions characteristic of mid-adolescence.


As Lord Voldemort and the Death Eaters commit crimes in both the magical and Muggle worlds, Minister of Magic Cornelius Fudge is replaced by Rufus Scrimgeour. Professor Snape, appearing to have rejoined the Death Eaters and Lord Voldemort, is visited by Narcissa Malfoy and Bellatrix Lestrange. A terrified Narcissa tells Snape that her son, Draco, has received orders from Lord Voldemort, and asks Snape to make an Unbreakable Vow to protect her son and complete the task for him should he fail.

Harry Potter accompanies Albus Dumbledore on a trip to persuade retired Hogwarts professor Horace Slughorn to return to teaching. Harry notices one of Dumbledore’s hands is withered and burnt black, and he is wearing a ring with a distinctively-marked stone. Harry spends the remaining holiday at The Burrow with the Weasleys and Hermione, where they receive their O.W.L. results. Harry and Ron must take N.E.W.T. level Potions to become Aurors, but their O.W.L.s in the subject are too low to enrol in Snape’s Potions class.

At Hogwarts, Snape is named the new Defence Against the Dark Arts instructor, with Slughorn becoming the Potions teacher. Slughorn’s requirements are lower than Snape’s, so Harry and Ron are able to enrol in his class, but do not have textbooks. Slughorn loans them copies; Harry’s book has notes and corrections that yield better results than the textbook’s instructions, winning him a vial of Felix Felicis, a potion that infuses luck, on his first day in class. His book is inscribed as having previously belonged to the “Half-Blood Prince”.

Ron’s brother, Bill Weasley, is engaged to Fleur Delacour, of whom his mother disapproves. Auror Nymphadora Tonks makes comments suggesting she may harbour feelings for her now-slain cousin Sirius Black. However, it is eventually revealed that she has fallen for Remus Lupin, and, despite his protests that he is unworthy of her, they marry over the summer.

Ron and Ginny join the Gryffindor Quidditch team, which Harry now captains, as Keeper and Chaser respectively. This puts Harry in frequent contact with Ginny, who for a long time harbored an attraction to him. Now, however, she is dating Dean Thomas— unexpectedly making Harry jealous. This is exacerbated when Dean also gains membership on the team, replacing original member Katie Bell who is almost killed while attempting to deliver a cursed necklace under the influence of the Imperius Curse. Ron is displeased with his younger sister dating anybody, forcing Harry to ignore his attraction. After an argument with Ginny in which Ron’s dating inexperience is made clear, Ron takes up with Lavender Brown, creating a divide between him and Hermione. This rift is only mended when he accidentally consumes a love potion attracting him to Romilda Vane, and then poisoned mead which almost kills him.


The film based on the sixth book was originally scheduled to be released on 21 November 2008, but was pushed back to 15 July 2009.The screenplay was written by Steve Kloves, and David Yates directed the film.The film is 153 minutes long, making it the third longest Harry Potter film of the series.


Along with the rest of the books in the Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince was translated into 67 languages.A translation into Scots Gaelic is planned to be released by Bloomsbury in July 2009.

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Let The Right One In Official Movie Trailer HD


Let The Right One In Official Movie Trailer HD

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Let the Right One In (Swedish: Låt den rätte komma in), also known as Let Me In, is a 2004 vampire fiction novel by Swedish writer John Ajvide Lindqvist. The story centers on the relationship between a 12-year-old boy, Oskar, and a 200-year-old vampire child, Eli. It takes place in Blackeberg, a working class suburb of Stockholm, in the early 1980s. The book focuses on the darker side of humanity, dealing with issues such as bullying, drugs, theft, pedophilia, prostitution and murder as well as the obvious supernatural themes.

The book was a bestseller in the author’s home country of Sweden and has been translated into Danish, German, Russian, English in 2007 and Finnish in 2008. A Swedish language film version by the same name, directed by Tomas Alfredson, was released in 2008 to widespread critical acclaim. An English language remake, to be directed by Matt Reeves, is scheduled for release in 2010.


Oskar is a 12-year-old-boy who is being bullied at school. He lives with his mother, who is loving and with whom he initially seems to have a good connection. His father is an alcoholic who lives out in the countryside. Oskar seems intelligent, has morbid interests including crime and forensics and keeps a scrap book filled with newspaper cuttings about murders. He befriends who he thinks is a new girl who moved in next door – Eli. Eli lives with an older man Håkan, a former teacher who was fired and became a homeless vagrant when he was discovered to be a pedophile. Eli is revealed to be a vampire, but the two children develop a close relationship and Eli helps Oskar fight back against his tormentors. Throughout the book their relationship gradually becomes closer and they reveal more of themselves and in particular Eli’s lengthy history.

Håkan several times goes out to get blood for Eli, fighting against his conscience and choosing victims who he can physically trap but who aren’t too young. Eli gives him money for doing this, though Håkan makes it clear he would do it for nothing if Eli allowed them to be physically intimate. Eli keeps the money in several boxes, along with a variety of different puzzles. These, apart from a few items of clothing and food, are all that fill the apartment. After several failures to acquire enough blood for Eli, Håkan offers to go out one last time if they can spend the night together. With the caveat that he may only touch Eli, they agree but it is stipulated that Håkan must get the blood first.

Oscar, an overlooked and bullied boy, finds love and revenge through Eli, a beautiful but peculiar girl who turns out to be a vampire.

A fragile, anxious boy, 12-year-old Oskar is regularly bullied by his stronger classmates but never strikes back. The lonely boy’s wish for a friend seems to come true when he meets Eli, also 12, who moves in next door to him with her father. A pale, serious young girl, she only comes out at night and doesn’t seem affected by the freezing temperatures. Coinciding with Eli’s arrival is a series of inexplicable disappearances and murders. One man is found tied to a tree, another frozen in the lake, a woman bitten in the neck. Blood seems to be the common denominator and for an introverted boy like Oskar, who is fascinated by gruesome stories, it doesn’t take long before he figures out that Eli is a vampire. But by now a subtle romance has blossomed between Oskar and Eli, and she gives him the strength to fight back against his aggressors. Oskar becomes increasingly aware of the tragic, inhuman dimension of Eli’s plight, but cannot bring himself to forsake her. Frozen forever in a twelve-year-old’s body, with all the burgeoning feelings and confused emotions of a young adolescent, Eli knows that she can only continue to live if she keeps on moving. But when Oskar faces his darkest hour, Eli returns to defend him the only way she can…


  • Kåre Hedebrant as Oskar
  • Lina Leandersson as Eli
  • Per Ragnar as Håkan
  • Henrik Dahl as Erik (Oskar’s father)
  • Karin Bergquist as Yvonne (Oskar’s mother)
  • Peter Carlberg as Lacke
  • Ika Nord as Virginia
  • Mikael Rahm as Jocke
  • Karl Robert Lindgren as Gösta
  • Anders T Peedu as Morgan
  • Pale Olofsson as Larry
  • Cayetano Ruiz as Magister Ávila
  • Patrik Rydmark as Conny
  • Johan Sömnes as Andreas
  • Mikael Erhardsson as Martin
  • Rasmus Luthander as Jimmy
  • Sören Källstigen as Erik’s friend
  • Bernt Östman as Virginia’s nurse
  • Kajsa Linderholm as the teacher
  • Susanne Ruben as older Eli
  • Elif Ceylan as Eli’s voice

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Watchmen Movie Trailer 2009 HD


Watchmen Movie Trailer 2009 HD

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Watchmen is a 2009 superhero film directed by Zack Snyder and starring Malin Akerman, Billy Crudup, Matthew Goode, Jackie Earle Haley, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Patrick Wilson. It is an adaptation of the comic book of the same name by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons. Set in an alternate-history 1985, tensions heighten between the United States and the Soviet Union as a group of former vigilantes investigates an apparent conspiracy against them and uncovers something even more grandiose and sinister.

Following publication of the Watchmen comic, a live-action film adaptation was mired in development hell. Producer Lawrence Gordon began developing the project at 20th Century Fox and Warner Bros. (parent company of Watchmen publisher DC Comics) with producer Joel Silver and director Terry Gilliam, the latter eventually deeming the complex novel “unfilmable”. During the 2000s, Gordon and Lloyd Levin collaborated with Universal Studios and Paramount Pictures to produce a script by David Hayter; Darren Aronofsky and Paul Greengrass were also attached to the project before it was canceled over budget disputes. The project returned to Warner Bros., where Snyder was hired to direct – Paramount remained as international distributor. Fox sued Warner Bros. for copyright violation arising from Gordon’s failure to pay a buy-out in 1991, which enabled him to develop the film at the other studios. Fox and Warner Bros. settled this before the film’s release with Fox receiving a portion of the gross. Principal photography began in Vancouver, September, 2007. As with his previous film 300, Snyder closely modeled his storyboards on the comic, but chose to not shoot all of Watchmen using chroma key and opted for more sets.


‘Watchmen’ is set in an alternate 1985 America in which costumed superheroes are part of the fabric of everyday society, and the “Doomsday Clock” – which charts the USA’s tension with the Soviet Union – is permanently set at five minutes to midnight. When one of his former colleagues is murdered, the washed up but no less determined masked vigilante Rorschach sets out to uncover a plot to kill and discredit all past and present superheroes. As he reconnects with his former crime-fighting legion – a ragtag group of retired superheroes, only one of whom has true powers – Rorschach glimpses a wide-ranging and disturbing conspiracy with links to their shared past and catastrophic consequences for the future. Their mission is to watch over humanity… but who is watching the ‘Watchmen?’

Malin Åkerman as Laurie Jupiter / Silk Spectre II: Jessica Alba and Milla Jovovich were originally considered for the role, but Snyder felt that they were too well known to be playing such a serious part.

Jackie Earle Haley as Walter Kovacs / Rorschach: A masked vigilante who continues his vigilante activities after they are outlawed.

Patrick Wilson as Daniel Dreiberg / Nite Owl II: A retired superhero with technological experience. John Cusack, a fan of the comic book, expressed interest in the role.

Billy Crudup as Dr. Jon Osterman / Doctor Manhattan: A superhero with genuine powers who works for the U.S. government. The role was once pursued by actor Keanu Reeves, but the actor abandoned his pursuit when the studio held up the project over budget concerns.

Matthew Goode as Adrian Veidt / Ozymandias: A retired superhero who has since made his identity public. The role of Ozymandias was originally connected to actors Jude Law, Lee Pace and Tom Cruise (whom Snyder felt would have been better as Manhattan), but they left the project behind because of the studio’s delay in handling the budget.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Edward Blake / The Comedian: A superhero who is commissioned by the U.S. government. 

Carla Gugino as Sally Jupiter / Silk Spectre: A retired superheroine, mother of Laurie Jupiter and the first Silk Spectre. Gugino’s character ages from 25 years old in the 1940s to 67 years old in the 1980s, and the 37-year-old actress wore prosthetics to reflect the aging process.

Matt Frewer as Edgar Jacobi / Moloch the Mystic: An elderly rehabilitated criminal, known when he was younger as an underworld kingpin and magician.

Stephen McHattie as Hollis Mason / Nite Owl: The first vigilante to take up the mantle of Nite Owl.

Danny Woodburn as Big Figure: A dwarf crime boss whom Rorschach and Nite Owl put in prison fifteen years prior.

Niall Matter as Byron Lewis / Mothman: He is not a main focus of the storyline, but appears in flashbacks, at one point reduced in his later years to fragile sanity.

Dan Payne as Bill Brady / Dollar Bill: A first-generation crime fighter who caught his cape in a revolving door during a bank robbery and was shot to death.

Apollonia Vanova as Ursula Zandt / Silhouette: A former member of the Minutemen who was forced into retirement after her status as a lesbian became public knowledge. She and her partner were later murdered by a former arch villain.

Glenn Ennis as Rolf Müller / Hooded Justice: The first masked vigilante to appear in the 1930s. Was involved in a sham relationship with the first Silk Spectre to hide his homosexuality. Later thought to be killed by The Comedian.

Darryl Scheelar as Nelson Gardner / Captain Metropolis: An ex-Marine and one of the founding members of the Minutemen.

Doug Chapman as Roy Chess: A hired assassin who tries to kill Ozymandias. Doug Chapman was also the Canadian stunt coordinator for the movie, and performed as a stunt double and stunt performer.

Patrick Sabongui as Knot Top Gang Leader

Alessandro Juliani as Rockefeller Military Base Technician


Box office

Watchmen was released at midnight on March 6, 2009, and earned an estimated $4.6 million for the early showing, which is approximately twice as much as 300, Snyder’s previous comic book adaptation.The film earned $24,515,772 in 3,611 theaters its first day, and later finished its opening weekend grossing $55,214,334. Watchmen’s opening weekend is the highest of any Alan Moore adaptation to date, and the income was also greater than the entire box office take of From Hell, which ended its theatrical run with $31,602,566. Although the film only finished with $55 million for its opening, while Snyder’s previous adaptation 300 earned $70 million in its opening weekend, Warner Bros.’ head of distribution, Dan Fellman, believes that the opening weekend success of the two films cannot be compared due to the extended running time of Watchmen—the film comes in at 2 hours and 45 minutes, while 300 is just under 2 hours—provides the 2009 film with fewer showings a night than 300. Next to the general theaters, Watchmen pulled in $5.4 million at 124 IMAX screens, which is the third largest opening behind Star Trek and The Dark Knight.

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