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CRUSH Movie Trailer 2009 OFFICIAL NEW (Chris Egan)


CRUSH Movie Trailer 2009 OFFICIAL NEW (Chris Egan)

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The Crush is a 1993 American thriller film written and directed by Alan Shapiro. It stars Cary Elwes and Alicia Silverstone in her feature film debut. It was filmed on location in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Plot summary

Nick Eliot (Elwes), a journalist, moves into a new neighborhood where the young Adrian Forrester (Silverstone) lives. She is fourteen years old, half his age. She becomes very interested in him, but he rejects her advances, especially since she is so young. Her parents don’t realize she is an emotionally unstable sociopath, even after she sets out to destroy his life — and eventually him.

Plot synopsis

Arriving in a new city, writer Nick Eliot (Cary Elwes) secures a job at Pique magazine and lodgings in a guest house belonging to Cliff and Liv Forrester (Kurtwood Smith and Gwynyth Walsh). The handsome Nick soon makes the acquaintance of the Forrester’s 14-year-old daughter Adrian (Alicia Silverstone), a precocious gifted girl who develops an intense attraction to him. She secretly helps Nick by sneaking into his room and rewriting one of his Pique stories, which subsequently wins a rave from his editor/boss Michael (Matthew Walker). At a party thrown by the Forresters, Nick agrees to accompany the lonely girl on a nightly drive to a romantic spot, where she kisses him.

This intensifies Adrian’s crush on Nick, but he quickly wises up and attempts to put her off, having begun a budding romance with co-worker Amy (Jennifer Rubin). Adrian continues to boldly pursue him, even going so far as to undress in his view. Nick, however, continues to rebuff her advances, and Adrian’s actions become destructive–she defaces a car he’s restored and erases his computer discs–yet he’s unable to convince Cliff and Liv of what’s going on. Cheyenne (Amber Benson), a friend of Adrian who has warned Nick about her, meets with an “accident” at the riding school they attend together. Then, after Adrian spies on Amy in bed with Nick, the girl locks Amy in her darkroom and empties a wasps’ nest into the vents.

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Thomas: No doubts about solo career


Thomas: No doubts about solo career

LOS ANGELES – Rob Thomas’ new CD, “Cradlesong,” reveals a more complex side of the singer: Themes of despair, and even death, are explored.

Though it may suggest a darker mood, the 37-year-old, best known as the frontman for Matchbox Twenty and such hits as his “Smooth” collaboration with Santana, says it simply reflects life from a more mature vantage point.

“As you get older, your themes change and the things that are important to you change, your focuses change,” said Thomas as he talked about his sophomore CD, which was released last month.

“And so there’s a lot of stuff on here about – obviously, not about being old, but just about being older. And the things that were important to you maybe not being as important to you now, and you have a whole new set of burdens to bear as you take on the responsibility of family, the responsibility of wanting to be an adult – not just getting older, but being an adult, which are two separate things.”

The first single, “Her Diamonds,” was written for his wife, Marisol, who suffers from an auto-immune disease. It deals with his sadness about her health challenges (the music video features Alicia Silverstone).

Thomas said that to him, the process of making music is fundamentally about being honest.

“That’s my job as a songwriter,” he said.

Thomas also mused about his starkly dramatic album cover, which features his half-shadowed, haunted-looking face, embellished with artwork. Thomas says he was inspired by French surrealist paintings.

“Like, some people hate it, and I think I love that. I can’t remember the last time that people have cared about an album cover enough to hate it. So I think I’ve done something right,” he said. “But I think it’s a striking image.”

Thomas begins rehearsals for his tour in support of “Cradlesong” in September. But even in the midst of developing his solo career, Matchbox Twenty isn’t far from his mind. Thomas said before he hits the road, he plans to meet with his band mates and start hashing out ideas for the next album to keep their “forward momentum” in high gear.

‘SMOOTH’ OPERATOR: Matchbox Twenty frontman Rob Thomas, foreground, has released a new solo album.

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