Angelina Jolie Boobs


Angelina Jolie Boobs

Angelina Jolie, Wearing a sexy black outfit, Angelina Jolie’s boobs are tucked right in there quite nicely. Is it weird to be jealous of clothing? Brad Pitt is lucky to have access to those tits on a daily basis.

I can only imagine how big those hooters got when Angelina Jolie was pregnant with their love child. Or is that a oops pregnancy? The story that they two celebs were fucking on the set of Mr and Mrs Smith seems to hold water though they have never gone on record, that I know of, to settle all the question.

Meanwhile back to Angelina Jolie boobs. Angelina’s nipples are dark for such a sexy girl, not that I have any idea what that is supposed to me. Guess I’m not really a fan of the darker nips but instead enjoy a almost skin color and dare I say the best, a nice pink nipple. Any color would be okay on these tits though and I would gladly pinch them until they were red regardless of the hue they were normally.

One thing that has been really shocking is the lack of a sex tape starring Brad and Angelina. You know those two whores are banging each other everyday of the week. Mostly doggystyle I would assume since Jolie looks like the type to really get off from taking the cock from behind. Do you think her legs go all the way up? In my fantasies they do.

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