Does Angelina Hate Sharing a Red Carpet With Paris?

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Does Angelina Hate Sharing a Red Carpet With Paris?


I saw Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt on the same red carpet as Paris Hilton and what’s-his-name at the Cannes festival. Do actors who make a living actually working get upset when media whores show up on their red carpet? I would.
—AbsoluteEJJ, via the Answer B!tch inbox

We’re talking about France, dear. Cannes, if you haven’t heard, is a lawless and cruel wasteland when it comes to observations of an American star’s rank. At that film fest, people who teeter on the edges of America’s C-list are mobbed as frenetically as Will Smith or Johnny Depp—or Brangelina.

In short: Cannes ain’t America. And the rules of common decency—and common sense—have been tossed out of la fenêtre.

“Here, people may think Paris Hilton is a crackhead, but in Europe and the rest of the world, she’s a megastar,” veteran publicist Eileen Colavita explains. “Paris is like the Beatles over there.”

Yes. Really. Now let’s talk about American red carpets. At least one erstwhile A-lister has been known to get very grabby about her time on the red carpet…

…and that person is Catherine Zeta-Jones, Colavita tells me.

“I’ve been told that when she’s on a red carpet she wants to be around other A-listers, or doing her own interviews alone,” says Colavita, whose Spin Shoppe PR house organizes red-carpet events and swag houses at places like Sundance. “She is definitely not someone you can get on the carpet when it’s crowded.”

But in general, Zeta-Jones is an exception, I am told.

Usually, “A-list celebs are used to sharing the carpet and whoever is on it,” red-carpet event planner Cara Kleinhaut of Caravents tells me.

“They’re pros,” she says. “Their people in the peanut gallery may complain, but not them.”