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Fashion Police: Suri Cruise’s Day-to-Night Look


Fashion Police: Suri Cruise’s Day-to-Night Look

If you happen to be stuck in a wardrobe rut, look to Suri Cruise for answers.

Today, Suri teaches us how to take one look from daytime to night.

Take this hot pink dress, purple sweater and metallic silver leggings. Sure it works for flying in your helicopter from Boston to New York City (did we mention how relatable Suri is?), but say you want to quickly dress it up for a fancy dinner and night out on the town. How would you do that?

Let Suri show you how!


Obviously, the first thing to do is wear shoes. Maybe even a pair of fancier flats that have little bows on the back—just not heels because that really upsets people.

After that, Suri traded in the comfy purple sweater for a gray and hot pink number that really ties everything together better.

Finally, do not forget something a little showy like a Disney princess umbrella. Who cares if there’s no sun and it’s not raining—it’s always good to have something that helps you stand out from the crowd.

And that’s the Suri Cruise method to make an easy transition from daytime officewear to dinner with a client.

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Fashion Face-Off: Katy Perry vs. Blake Lively


Fashion Face-Off: Katy Perry vs. Blake Lively

You wouldn’t think Katy Perry and Blake Lively would have similar styles, but go figure: Both babes recently donned versions of the same lacy, floral print dress.

Blake wore it first, to the NYC premiere of Where the Wild Things Are. Perhaps taking the movie’s title a bit too literally, she settled on a feathered version of the frock.

The Gossip Girl star showed lots of leg and left her blond locks loose and wavy to complete the look.

Katy, however, chose a long, elegant version for her hosting duties at the MTV Europe Awards last night…

While Blake seemed to be channeling her inner she-wolf, Katy kept it classy in the floor-length, flowy gown with her hair in a chic updo.

Katy usually favors a funky style, but we’re loving this feminine, classy look on her. But then again, Blake does look smoking hot in the short dress.

Who do you think wears it best?

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Fashion Police: Leona Lewis’ Dress Is So Fierce It’ll Slap You in the Face


Fashion Police: Leona Lewis’ Dress Is So Fierce It’ll Slap You in the Face

Leona Lewis was at MTV’s European Music Awards yesterday where she performed her latest single “Happy.”

She had walked the red carpet in harem pants so we weren’t expecting too much from her stage style. But then the X Factor winner changed into this amazing custom Vivienne Westwood gown for her performance, and whoa! Total diva status.

We are digging the extravagant full tulle skirt and pointy PVC corset. Not only does it flatter her figure, but she goes all the way crazy-fierce evil Barbie—and owns it.

It’s like a slap in the face to everyone playing it too safe on the red carpet.

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